The Qualities of the Global Citizen

If you are looking to decide what attributes and skill you should be equipping your students with to enable then to work and develop on a global scale Bournmouth University have created a resouce describing the attributes you should be seeking to teach them (knowledge and understanding, cognitive thinking, values and attitudes and social and practical skills.


Can any one tell me what different sort of assessment you might use for International Students

I am revising the way in which our students are assessed and it has become clear that the way in which we assess interntational students is creating problems for them and wondered if anyone had any ideas as to what we might do?

What causes stress for international students?

A interesting presentation about the International students perspective of what causes them stress when studying abroad by Dr Silvia Sovic CLIP CETL, University of the Arts, London at the Unspoken Interaction Symposium 2007. It comes from a range of students from different countries and is helpful in understanding their point ot view.

A Marked Improvement

I have just found this really useful resource from the HEA which aims  to provide a strong rationale for transforming assessment in higher education. It includes an assessment review tool, offering a practical method to take stock of current practice and look to a targeted approach to strategic change. The publication also includes further resources for staff, which can be used to support changes to assessment policy and practice