HEA Seminar - From Franchise to Equalise? Equitable learning in local & global contexts

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Information about the event

Increasingly UK institutions are focussing internationalisation efforts around franchise collaborations with international partners for the delivery of UK awards. There is a requirement, ethical and within QAA chapters, for ensuring equitable learning experiences for students in the UK and overseas. This places a requirement on the UK institution to understand how key issues in learning and teaching are conceptualised by course teams in both contexts as the basis for taking an evidence-informed approach to building appropriate staff development programmes. THE UK PSF is increasingly informing the framing of UK institutional CPD frameworks, but how does this relate to academic colleagues delivering UK programmes in the context of different education and social cultures, and differing access to resources and/or technologies both in the offshore and home contexts?

Participants will be asked to engage with a number of key questions: How do colleagues delivering UK courses in the UK and overseas conceptualise key issues in learning and teaching with regard to their provision? How do these relate to the UK PSF, and associated expectations in the UK sector? What considerations need to be given to local educational and social cultures with regard to these? What is the relationship between the equitable learning experience and notions of inclusion and student engagement/partnership? (How) can concept mapping illuminate any of these, and what are the implications for staff development if we are to ensure equitable student learning experiences?

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