HEA seminar - Globalising the university ‘at home:’ implications and recommendations for the curriculum, staff and students

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This workshop will critique the notion of the ‘international university’ and explore the implications of an increasingly international HE experience through a mix of presentation, discussion and interactive sessions.

The focus of the first sessions will be around exploring and problematizing the idea of the ‘international university,’ and what the term might mean for staff and students. Later morning sessions will focus on internationalising the curriculum by reporting on a European and on a local initiative. There will be presentation of interim findings from the EU-funded IntlUni project, which is currently investigating how we conceptualise an international curriculum and how we can address the challenges of the multicultural learning space. There will also be presentation of a local innovation at the University of Southampton: the design and delivery of a module on intercultural communication which is available for all students to take, irrespective of their main subject of study. The presentation will include contributions from students participating in the module.

Afternoon sessions will explore the experience of international students coming to study in the UK, by highlighting how technology can be used to effectively prepare and support such students. The day will conclude with an interactive activity which aims to encourage participants to reflect on their own understanding of the dynamics of intercultural encounters and how they can address some challenges posed by the multilingual/multicultural learning space.

University of Southampton
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