Inspirational leaders seminar: Huw Morris on HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) success at Swansea University

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Through this session/presentation, delegates will be able to learn about how Swansea University has become the first institution in the UK to have gained the formal approval of the European Commission, for its Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). Swansea was awarded a Diploma Supplement Label in December 2013 for its HEAR (Diploma Supplement) and it is potentially the first university in Europe to have been awarded the prestigious Label for an electronic version of the Diploma Supplement. Huw Morris, the Academic Registrar at Swansea University and who has been a Bologna Expert since 2004, will share with the sector how he has steered the project of initially developing a Diploma Supplement and, of late, converting that document into an e-HEAR. Delegates will learn how the university overcame problems and how it aims to face new challenges, including: developing a HEAR for research students; for producing a HEAR/Diploma Supplement for joint degree candidates; for recording students' employability enhancing achievements; and for promoting students' employment prospects through the Gradintel Software. Huw will field questions following the presentation and is keen to learn about good practice from other universities which can subsequently be disseminated through the HEA.

The event will run from 12.00 – 13.00 and there will be a buffet lunch at 13.00 for anyone attending in person.



Higher Education professionals are warmly invited to attend, either in person at the seminar in our York offices, or online via our Blackboard Collaborate Webinar. There is no charge to attend, but a place must be booked.

About the speaker
Huw Morris is currently the Academic Registrar at Swansea University, and was one of the longest serving Bologna Experts. He has been responsible for embedding some of the Bologna principles into Swansea’s regulations; has assisted in the development of joint degrees (at Masters and Doctoral levels, including two Erasmus Mundus programmes); has implemented some of the Bologna tools, such as the Diploma Supplement, at the university; has served on EUA Working Groups - currently representing the university on the ‘Mapping University Mobility of Staff and Students’ consortium, which aims to develop a Mobility Mapping tool for the European Higher Education Area; and is co-author of an article which was published in the EUA’s Bologna Handbook, entitled “Bologna: a springboard to a university’s student employability and internationalisation agendas”. He was a joint organiser of the official Bologna Seminar on Employability, held in Swansea in July 2006. He has recently been appointed as an Assessor for the Erasmus Mundus Programme, and has been honoured with the award of Ordre des Palmes Académiques (Chevalier) by the French Government.



Mr Morris is Chair of the Academic Registrars’ Council’s Complaints Practitioners’ Group, serves on various QAA Working Groups, and has also been a member of the Advisory Group of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. He is a member of national committees in Wales, promoting Welsh-medium education.

He is a graduate of the University of Aberystwyth and of the University of London.

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