Introduction to UK immigration UKCISA

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This course will enable anyone working in an institution which recruits, or is intending to recruit, international students to have an overview and general understanding of the UK immigration system.

By the end of this course, participants will be:

  •;">able to identify the basic principles of UK immigration
  •;">able to identify the key stages of immigration control
  •;">able to locate the relevant resources
  •;">able to identify the main immigration categories for entry to the UK
  •;">able to identify which immigration categories permit study in the UK
  •;">familiar with the basic concepts and terms relating to the Tier 4 student category
  •;">able to recognise key immigration permission documentation
  •;">aware of the OISC regulations and the implications for giving immigration advice

This course is suitable for:

anyone who works with international students directly or who is involved in developing and implementing institutional processes which affect international students. This is a prerequisite to the UKCISA training course "Principles of Tier 4". In addition, if you advise international students directly on immigration matters you should also consider attending.

If your current role requires you to have a detailed knowledge of all the student specific immigration categories you should also plan to attend the UKCISA training course "Principles of Tier 4".

If you are not involved with assigning Confirmations of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) yourself, please arrange with the appropriate person in your institution to see how this is done before you attend this course.

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