Language in assessment tasks: working with students from China - University of Monash

Writing assignment tasks and exam questions which aim to be culturally and linguistically inclusive involves acknowledging that:

  • students working in their second (or third, etc) language may not process written material as quickly as local native speakers of English
  • are different varieties of English (a number of which may be unfamiliar to us, but are accepted as standard in some other countries).  Likewise, the variety/ies we accept as standard may not be immediately meaningful to someone from a different culture.

Note: The assessment tasks quoted as examples below have been drawn from several faculties. Some were assignment topics, others were exam questions, but in general the same principles apply to both.  No disrespect is intended to their authors.

Tips about

  • Question design
  • Phrasing the task(s)
  • General points on language use
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