English in the International Workplace - EAIE

Do you work in international relations? Would you like to participate more actively at international conferences or in conversations and negotiations with international partners but you are held back by your lack of confidence in communicating in English or by fear of public speaking? This course is designed to help you improve your English communication skills in a quick, creative and practical way. It focuses on delivering presentations, conducting negotiations, writing, and communicating effectively in an intercultural setting and it provides you with personalised solutions.

In addition to the intensive training, course materials, coffee breaks and the welcome dinner are included in the course fee.

Please note: this is a communications skills course and not a language course.

Target audience
This course is aimed at people who either already use English, or would like to do so for professional purposes in international relations.

You need to have a good working knowledge of English in order to take part in this course. You will have a short assessment of your English level, consisting of a written test (multiple choice questions) as well as a short phone interview with the course leader. When registering for this course, you will be contacted by the EAIE Office with more instructions on the assessment procedure. Please note that registration will not be confirmed until the assessment has been completed.

For more informaton go to http://www.eaie.org/home/training/other-courses.html

Dublin, Ireland
Date and Time: 
(01/07/2013) - (05/07/2013)