Training for trainers (two-day course) UKCISA

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Over the last decade, international student numbers in the UK have doubled. Therefore, colleagues may often look to international student advisers for training because of their expertise in dealing with international students. This requires effective communication and training skills whether for a presentation to a finance committee to seek resources for certain work areas or projects, or for a training event for colleagues or a group of student helpers. This course will help to build both skills and confidence in the delivery of training events.

This course aims to help you:

  •;">gain more confidence about the whole training process
  •;">to develop your knowledge about the training process
  •;">to reflect on you as a trainer somewhat independent of what you might be training on
  •;">to articulate the needs to be met for any training event

Course objectives:

  •;">to offer a structure for designing, developing, delivering and evaluating training events
Date and Time: 
(11/06/2014) - (12/06/2014)