Broadening Horizons 2014: Embedding a culture of overseas study - British Council Report

In the second annual report examining how UK and US students perceive study abroad, Broadening Horizons explores how demand is changing over time. The report also provides insight into factors preventing students from taking advantage of the growing number of supportive study abroad plans available. Although steps are being taken in both the UK and the US to embed a culture of overseas study at national and institutional levels, many students are reluctant to embrace the idea of study abroad.

Broadening Horizons features research which includes the survey results of over 7,300 UK and US students, supplemented by student focus groups, in-depth interviews and observations by industry experts. The report identifies the main academic and non-academic drivers to overseas study for both UK and US students, and key academic and non-academic deterrents. Cost and insufficient awareness of government funding programmes assisting students to study abroad are identified as some of the factors impacting students’ overseas study choices. The report offers recommendations that may help encourage the next generation of students to be more open to study abroad, and provides higher education institutions and suppliers with guidance to support their recruitment and marketing activities


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